“Changing Your Outlook On The Industry”

Classic Towing is a soon-to-be 3 generation family company. The company was first started by Dinis Falcao, whose 3 sons have always had involvement, and the company has since been taken over by his Son Paul. Pauls children are also now beginning to get involved and learn all about the industry.
Here at Classic Towing we can ensure a friendly atmosphere with a policy of honesty. Safety is also a big key to us, as our trucks are constantly being maintained. We are always looking to play a role in the community and get involved in any way we can! You can also watch our trusted service in action by tuning in to episodes featuring us on Discovery Channels series- Heavy Rescue 401.

“Daughter’s Note”

Ever since I was a little girl, I grew up around the office and the drivers. These guys were never big and scary to me, and even those who would seem to be so I thought of as uncles. When I recall my childhood, I can’t help but think back to the early stages of classic. I’ve always felt the company to have a family atmosphere, and I always watched my dad play the role of a leader. He was never just a boss, but a hard worker, team member and friend to his employees, which has always been inspiring to me.

As a little kid, I recall being in a situation of having to move schools and my then best friend crying over it.

Her moms response was this, “Don’t be sad over her, her parents are tow truck drivers, people like that are all scammers.” (seriously…) Honestly, I was so confused at how or why she could even relate that as a response, but it was my first encounter in taking notice of the common negative outlook surrounding the industry.

In addition to this, there were a few other instances that have brought me to the realization of the apparently very common major misconception of the industry among outsiders.

As always having been in some way an insider, I see the very hard and consistent work that goes into everything. I know that we are all about our customers and providing a service that’s of benefit to the community, and I’m so excited to start playing a real part in it. That’s why I’m making it our mission to change your outlook on the industry. Honesty is our policy and customer safety is key. Were here for YOU. I want to show the reality of the industry through our company and what we do.

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