Key Factors to Consider Before Selecting Your Towing Company

Consider for a moment that you have just been moved to an entirely new city.  You have no idea about life in that province, the movers/packers, the stores and all transport related matters.  The one most pestering thing here is the choice of the right towing company to get you your car/ride in town.

So, what will you do?  How will you choose the right towing company for your car?

Obviously, your biggest concerns include:

  • Making sure it does not cross the weight limits.
  • Finding a reliable yet affordable towing company to help you out.
  • Tracking, 24-hour dispatch and on-call status inquiry, settlement of concerns and timely delivery.
  • Emergency / Accident Scene Management.
  • Medium and/or Heavy Tow, etc.

Key Factors to Consider Before Finalizing Your Towing Company

You need to keep a few points in mind before finalizing your towing company in order to yield the maximum benefits:

  1. Affordability and Repute

The top reason you prefer one company over another is the cost.  For a win-win situation, the cost and the quality of the service should go together.

To make a safe choice, you need to ask your friends/relatives or colleagues who have previously had some good experience with the towing companies in the area.  Reading testimonials, reviews, and checking for ratings like the BBB (Better Business Bureau) also helps identify a reliable and reputable towing company.

  1. The Fleet Size and Other Services

The company size and the ability to cater to its audience is determined by its equipment, winch, recovery, rotator & boom work services as well as the light, medium or heavy-duty services it can actively provide.

  1. Operating Hours

The hours of operation as well as customer service, are areas of prime importance for a towing company.  One such company is Classic Towing and Storage, also dubbed as Ontario’s number one towing company, works 24/7.  The best thing about them is that your call never goes unanswered.  You simply cannot get lost or be left alone in case of an emergency.  Their success comes from cutting down the response time and the sales team getting back to you within just an hour’s notice.

  1. Delivery Schedules

The best company is one which delivers.  We all need results, timely delivery and the least delays of any kind.  For the matter, you need to ask them about their delivery schedules, the estimated time of delivery for a particular region and tracking information.

  1. Mode of Payment

It is always best to ask your towing company about acceptable forms of payment beforehand.  This helps you avoid any last minute surprises.  It also helps you be prepared with your credit/debit card, cash, cheque, or whatever the company’s policy is for acceptable forms of payment.

Most companies mention this in their package plan designed for you. However, if they do not, it is always better to ask and go for the one which suits you best.

End Note

Safety is another major concern.  We all want a timely transit, but also want our prized possessions to reach us safely and without any damage. Vouch for a reputable company, with its core business of towing and, of course, the one with the expertise and experience to serve you just right!