The Importance of Towing Capacity

The towing capacity of a truck is defined as the total or the maximum weight the vehicle can take on.  It is a very important factor for the towing vehicle to be highly compatible with the vehicle/load it has to haul.

Factors that Determine the Towing Capacity

The exact towing capacity of a vehicle is determined by five major factors:

  • Brakes
  • Axle
  • Transmission
  • Motor
  • Frame

However, other factors such as the exact weight of the towing vehicle and the number of passengers it carries, etc. also play a significant role for gauging its suitability.

Why Should You Worry About Towing Capacity?

Every kind of vehicle has its own limitations and is designed for different purposes.  So, no two different kinds of vehicles can ever have the exact same capacity.

Since towing companies provide all kinds of services like heavy and medium towing, rotator and boom work serviceswinch and recovery, etc., it is,therefore, very important to know the exact towing capacity of the vehicle, for all kinds of services and other light or heavy duty hauling.

What Happens In Case of Incompatibility of the Towing Vehicle and Load

  • If the load falls beyond the capacity of the towing vehicle, it could make it very difficult to drive the vehicle through sharp turns.
  • The brakes may not work making the journey dangerous.
  • The vehicle may slow down and require the engine to work much harder.
  • The vehicle may sway off the road, resulting in a fatal accident and/or injuries.
  • The overall performance and life of the towing vehicle may be affected in the long run.

So, it may require an efficient emergency/accident scene management by the towing company in case of such misfortunes.

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Safety Considerations Regarding Towing

You must always ensure that there is a sufficient safety margin between the actual load and the towing capacity of the vehicle.  Other safety considerations include:

  • Never under any circumstances, ever attempt to exceed the capacity of the towing truck.
  • Ensure the tires are not too old or worn out, to prevent swerving/sliding accidents.
  • Make sure that the vehicle is strongly tied and secured to the towing vehicle.
  • The towing dolly must be strong and should be able to take on the weight of the vehicle to be hauled.

Often, there is a label on the door of the vehicle, which defines its total weight capacity.  It is also wise to go through the vehicle’s owner manual first, before taking on the load.  It may seem like a small factor to consider, but ensuring safety for all is a must in such situations.